Tech-Ed 2008 DVD set – the presentation list.

Back in October 2008, I provided you with a spreadsheet listing of the Tech-Ed 2005 – 2008 Conference Presentations, which were on the DVD sets.  Tech-Ed 2008 DVD Set had 701 presentations.  That’s a big mob of value.

I’ll be presenting the lists from Tech-Ed 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008; over a series of posts.

Note that the spreadsheet has additional details about each of the presentations, such as the description of each presentation (abstract), so the spreadsheet is still worth grabbing from the post link above.

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“Grab that Advanced Client by the Horns!”

Was looking over some old Microsoft documentation the other day, and stumbled across this.

Greg Ramsey, back at TechEd 2005, presented “SC34 – Grab that Advanced [SMS 2003] Client by the Horns!  Scripting the Advanced Client”

In that presentation, Greg presented the following useful SMS 2003 VBscripts:

Client actions

AdvertHistory.vbs returns client advertisment history, including Program ID, Last Run Time, Current State, Success or Failure
DisplayAdverts.vbs Microsoft example – Displays only non-mandatory, non-independent assignment Advertisements
DisplayAdverts_Adv.vbs Queries WMI CCM_SoftwareDistribution
RequestMachinePolicy.vbs Cause a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation cycle to be executed.
RequestMachinePolicy_Remote.vbs Cause a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation cycle to be executed – remotely
RepairClient.vbs Have the SMS Client repair itself.
ReRunAdvert.vbs Have the SMS client re-run an advertisement.
sendsched.vbs Used to trigger a schedule on an Advanced Client
SendSched_Multiples.vbs Uses a text file to trigger schedules on multiple computers.

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Tech-Ed 2008 Conference DVD Set has arrived.

Tech-Ed Conference DVD Set (5 disc version) I like having a copy of the TechEd DVDs as they make great reference material.

This year’s Tech-Ed DVD Conference DVD Set contains 9 Dual-layer DVDs!  Those  9 DVDs are from the North American Tech-Ed Developers (Disks 1 –> 5) and IT-Professional (Disks 6-9) conference.

I’ve extracted the presentation lists from those DVDs, and have made it available below.

You can buy the set here.  Note that I’m not sure if it ships with 5 disks (pictured) or whether you get the full 9 DVDs.

What I do with my discs is extract the presentations, this year they are all Powerpoint 2007 based, and keep them in a reference folder.  Which is then searchable by my desktop search tool (Google Desktop at the moment).  This year’s collection is 2.6GB in size.

The presentations which have caught my eye so far are:

Code Title Primary Speaker(s)


Architectures: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Miha Kralj


Why Software Sucks

David S. Platt


Active Directory Federation Service

Keith Brown


How to Review Your Code and Test for Security Bugs

Michael Howard


Real System Engineers Build Their Own Windows PE Image

Johan Arwidmark


Application Compatibility in 50 Days or Less

Polly Reese &  Steve Campbell


Windows Mobile as Secure as Blackberry: Are You Joking?

Jason Langridge


A Hackers Diary: How I Can Hack Your Vulnerable Services and How You Can Stop Me

Marcus Murray



Steve Riley


How to Build Your Next Generation IT Infrastructure Using Windows Server 2008

Corey Hynes

For the curious, I have:

  • extracted the DVD content list
  • added it to my Tech-Ed 2005 / 2006 / 2007 content list, and

placed it in a (zipped) Excel spreadsheet here.

edited 18th October: expanded out why the DVD set is worth buying.

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