“The Diary of a Microsoft Marketing Man”

Must remember not to have a mouthful of coffee while reading one of Phil Factor’s blog posts:

The Diary of a Microsoft Marketing Man

I woke up, in a ‘one stop’ process requiring a subtle paradigm shift. I was in my bed at home, a complete integrated platform. The Sun™ was streaming through the Windows™. The world outside seemed people-ready. To drive decisions on getting out of bed, I enumerated multiple insightful, timely reasons for aligning with domestic goals in a familiar and powerful way.

On reaching the kitchen, I achieved unparalleled connectivity in the kettle by plugging it in, and leveraged the capabilities of the toaster by switching it on in real time. Today, I felt I had a flexible and connected infrastructure around me. I empowered the agile and adaptive cat at every level by opening the cat-flap
(continues here)

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So you think you’re funny.

Those bunch of funsters over at Microsoft Education have found a way to measure humour as a job competency.  It makes me want to barf.

Level 1: Basic Level 2: Intermediate Level 3: Advanced Level 4: Expert

Generally uses humor in a positive way

Uses humor to bring people together

Knows exactly when and where a joke or story will be effective

Can see humor in almost everything

Is conscientious about timing and setting for humor

Uses humor to boost morale or decrease tension

Has a great sense of timing

Sought out by others for guidance in this area

Tries to defuse tense situations with appropriate humor

Uses humor to make for a more relaxed and productive atmosphere

Realizes when and where humor will backfire, and withholds

Uses humor as a uniting dynamic across a range of situations

Can laugh at self and others

Allows others to be funny

Understands that laughter makes a more comfortable meeting, classroom, etc

Recognizing and appreciates a great sense of humor in others

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“No, you can’t upgrade Internet Explorer 6”

Many don't have a choice.  They are using work computers and can't upgrade.In a week when one of our customer’s senior management team said
“No, we’re not upgrading Internet Explorer 6, we’re waiting for Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7”

A user rings up and tells me “Google Maps doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 6.  I want Internet Explorer 8”

It was with some sense of Schadenfreude that I pointed the user at their senior management.

(graphic from the most excellent: The Life, Times (and Death?) of Internet Explorer 6 (Comic Strip))

Yes, we want our customers on a later browser.  But the customers have internal business websites, which we don’t manage; which only work with IE6.

It’s enough to make an IT support guy cry.

If you’re silly enough to using IE6 on your home PC?  It’s time to stop using it

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