Laptops damage sperm

In today’s Age newspaper was this article:
LAPTOP computers may be damaging male fertility because they overheat men's scrotums, new research suggests.

If you are going to use a laptop, you really want to invest in a lap desk.

“Why?”, you ask?

Well apart from the risk of cooking your scrotum*, there is also the risk of third degree burns, and “toasted” skin.  A quick Google for laptop desks, turns up these:
Lazy Laptop stand logitech lap desk

(click on the pictures to be taken to the vendor’s websites)

* – when I was a pimply faced youth, I learnt in a sex education teacher that a hot bath was effective in killing sperm.  Seems now that a quick 30 min session of World of Warcraft will do just as well…

Disabling the laptop touchpad when typing.

clickpad-pageOne of my pet peeves with using a laptop fitted with a touchpad, is that sometimes the cursor jumps around the screen and you get results like this:

is that sometimes the curjumps arounsor


Help is at hand.  I use a program called TouchFreeze which disables the touchpad while you type.  Works well, I’m happy with it.  You can download it here.


You want another choice?
TouchpadPal.  I’ve not used it, but it’s been recommended to me.