Best Friend Holiday Retreat

We recently had a 2 day break at Tarra Valley, and stayed at the Best Friend Holiday Retreat.  It was magic.

Here are some of the things Nikki, Robyn and I liked about it:

  1. It was fantastic to be able to take our dog, Nikki, with us on holidays for the first time.
  2. The six off-leash areas were not just flat paddocks, so Nikki was able to get exercise running up and down slopes.
    Dog paddockDog paddock - Nikki running
    There was even a selection of dog toys at the entrance of each of the off-leash areas.
  3. A place so quiet that you can hear the bird life though-out the whole day. It was an experience to wake up to bird calls, not having heard them for over 20 years. Nikki was puzzled by the sounds, because she’s a city dog.
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