24 Screen Capture Utilities

Since my last update in June, I find myself using the Microsoft Snipping Tool more often for those quick screen capture jobs.  But I am still using Printkey 2000 and Timesnapper.

Here are some others …


Name & download link Comments
Bug Shooting “Bug Shooting is a free screenshot utility that was developed for software testers who use bug tracking systems”
Cropper Capture "It offers a resizable, translucent capture area that can be moved and sized freely to capture the portions that you want to grab."
Gadwin PrintScreen  
Greenshot “Greenshot is a revolutionary screenshot tool optimized for productivity.”
HoverSnap “HoverSnap is a a free handy snapshot tool with jpg, png, bmp and gif support.HoverSnap can take snapshots of the full screen, active window or a selected area.”
Jing Recommended by Leo Laporte.
Lightscreen automates the capture of screenshots.
Microsoft Snipping Tool for XP Tablet For those times when you just want to “snip” part of a screen.
Microsoft Snipping Tool Vista It’s included!
MWsnap multi-language
PrintKey 2000 This is what I use.
See my previous blog post about it.
Screenshot Captor Donation-ware
Screen Hunter  

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