If you give a Weim an inch …

If you give a Weim an inch - SaraRenee PhotodesignAs Weim owners, we’re always talkingtalkingtalking about how if you give a Weim an inch, they’ll take over. Hell, they’ll do more than take over- they will take that inch, and run with it to the next horizon- waving it proudly in everyones face to see. They will howl and push, and stretch that inch until it’s so thin, and so warped, and so extremely stretched looking it never even looked like an inch to begin with it. But, being Weim owners, we expect that. And some sick side of us really, really enjoys giving them that inch.

With thanks to SaraRenee for the use of her words and photo.

The Firsts

The Firsts - Photo courest of SaraReneeThe “Firsts” are the elite and select group of Weims that drew us in, blinded us with the ways of Weims, beat us up, made us raise our hands in the air in celebration and for sure in desperation. The firsts, no matter their age now, still are allowed to get away with things that the seconds or thirds or fourths or fifths (you know who you are!) would never even dream of trying to get away with. The Firsts are typically older now, but just as rotten and naughty as they used to be. The Firsts forgave us for our stumbling and training disasters and sins. The Firsts still have us wrapped tightly around their paws. The Firsts still hog our beds, steal our vegetables out of the garden, leap from boats when they shouldn’t, bark at people they shouldn’t bark at, and counter surf when you least expect it. But you know what? It’s ok, it’s all good. You know why? Cause they’re our Firsts, and we love them no matter what. They are still devoted to us after all these years. They have given us the “training” WE need for those to come. They give us the love and the stories we will share for years and years to come. They are our Firsts, and for that they are no less than perfect.
Photo and words SaraRenee Photos&Design

With thanks to SaraRenee

Saturday Link Roundup – Weimaraner Edition.

“Dad, why am I in the shower?” Beautiful Nikki
My beautiful weimaraner, who sadly passed over in September 2012.

The “Firsts” (SaraRenee Photos&Design)
The “Firsts” are the elite and select group of Weims that drew us in, blinded us with the ways of Weims,…

If you give a Weim an inch … (SaraRenee Photos&Design)
As Weim owners, we’re always talkingtalkingtalking about how if you give a Weim an inch, they’ll take over

An online compendium for Weimaraner enthusiasts

Rescue organisations
Australian Weimaraner Rescue
Weimaraner Rescue Of The North (USA)
Weimaraner Rescue Of The South (USA)

World’s fasting eating dog slowed down by new dog food bowl

Eat Better Bowl by Alpha Paw Weimaraners can suffer from bloat.  Bloat occurs because Weimaraners like Nikki try to stuff as much food down their throats, as quickly as possible.

And their stomachs swell up with gas.  Bloat can be a fatal condition for dogs.  So it’s a good idea to avoid it.

I’ve always been worried about Nikki and her vacuum cleaner feeding antics, so I’ve been looking around for some way of slowing her eating down.

Enter the Eat Better Bowl, by Alpha Paw.  As you can see from the photo, the Eat Better bowl has a “wishbone” at the centre of the bowl.
What this does is divide the bowl into three parts, which prevents the dog from opening their mouth fully (ie. gulping).

Which means the dog has to take smaller mouthfuls.
With Nikki, she’s gone from finishing her meal in under a minute, to now taking five minutes.

The downsides?

Not very available in Australia, I purchased mine from Veterinary Companies of Australia.  You can also buy them on eBay and Amazon.

Bowl size:
Didn’t know what bowl size to buy, so had to ask the seller.  Here is a handy little table which gives you an idea which bowl to buy

Size Best for
Mini (16cm diameter) (I’m not sure).
Petite (22cm diameter) Miniature Schnauzers, Silky Terriers, Cocker Spaniels and Shelties etc.
Jumbo (31cm diameter) Weimaraners, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Beagles etc.

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Well the good news is …

that Nikki the Weimaraner only has Grade 1 Mast Cell Tumours.

I noticed one when I took her to the Vet to get her yearly vaccinations.  And the vet had a look, and after some wallet lightening, we decided that we needed to confirm the severity of the tumours; one way or another.

The first operation was to remove some of the tumours for biopsy.  Now we know they are only Grade 1 tumours.

The bad news is that she now needs to get the rest of them cut out.  That will happen Thursday week.

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