Make it go faster – Expires Headers

apache_feather Or, Wisefaq now tells your web browser that it’s ok to cache graphics (GIF/PNG/JPG/JPEG/ICO), Javascript and CSS.

“This would be important because??”, you ask.

Well when you visit again, your web browser will use it’s copies of the graphics/Javascript/CSS, instead of downloading them again.

A win for you (speed), and me (bandwidth).

Hooray for us!

So how did I manage this?

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Make it go faster – Enabling GZip Compression

Things were getting slow around here, as you can see with the results from

Now WordPress, in versions before WordPress 2.5, had a GZip compression option.  It was removed in v2.5 because WordPress thought it was better to implement compression at the OS level.  All fine and good, but by default, my hosting provider does not do compression.

The quick performance fix was to enable compression.  But how???

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