PowerShell: count of files in a directory

PowerShell logoWith PowerShell, I needed to get a count of files in a particular directory.  This is what I came up with.

# Get a count of files in a directory.
$directory_file_count = "0"
$server_directory_string = "\\WISEFAQDC\c$\downloads"

# check that the directory exists.
$does_directory_exist = (Test-Path $server_directory_string)

# if it does, then continue
if ($does_directory_exist)
# file count does include directories but not a count of their contents.
$directory_file_count = (get-childitem $server_directory_string -name).count
Write-Host "Directory file count: $directory_file_count"
# directory doesn't exist
Write-Host "Directory $server_directory_string - DOES NOT EXIST"

The only problem with this code is that file count does include directories, but not their contents,  in it’s count of files.

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