Now won’t Facial Recognition be interesting …

Or are those girls in the Facebook ads real???

And the answer, for at least half the time is YES and NO.

YES they’re real, and NO they’re not looking for love in all the wrong places.

Tineye, which I’ve blogged about before, is really useful for detecting the source of a photo.  Some Facebook examples follow:


From iStockPhoto,com

Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee anyone?
(and Katharine isn’t even 40 yet, shame on you Facebook)


Meet Courtney Friel, a 31 year old Entertainment reporter Fox News.

The point of all this?  Two.

  1. Not everything you see is as it is.
  2. Won’t Facial Recognition be interesting once Google/Facebook release it.
        As an example, take this photo:
    I don’t think the lady would really want to be identified as the bridal nose-picker.

How to change your Facebook profile picture

  1. Click on your name to go to your Facebook home page
    Step 1 - Click on your name to go to your facebook homepage
  2. Click on Photo
    Step 2 - Click on photos
  3. Click on one of your photo galleries
    Step 3 - Click on one of your photo galleries
  4. Click on the picture that you want to make your new profile picture
    Step 4 - Click on the picture that you want to make your new profile picture
  5. Click on “Make Profile Picture”
    Step 5 - Make Profile Picture
  6. Facebook will ask you to you want to “crop” your photo.
    Drag the corners of the transparent box to “crop” the photo to how you want it to appear as your Facebook profile.
    Step 6 - Drag the corners of the transparent box
  7. When finished cropping your profile picture, click “Done Cropping”.
  8. Congratulations, you have a new Facebook Profile picture.

Facebook Privacy Quiz

ACLU-NU Ever take one of those Facebook quizzes to find out which superhero most resembles your dog, or have a friend who seems to spend most of their life doing so? Then you might be in for a surprise when you take this quiz and learn just how much of your personal information these quizzes can access.

Even if your Facebook profile is “private,” when you take a quiz, an unknown quiz developer could be accessing almost everything in your profile: your religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pictures, and groups. Facebook quizzes also have access to most of the info on your friends’ profiles. This means that if your friend takes a quiz, they could be giving away your personal information too.

But don’t take our word for it – take this quiz and see for yourself!

(And, yes, we know it’s a little weird to warn you about Facebook quizzes by asking you to take a Facebook quiz – but at least you know who we are and that we have a real privacy policy that we’re committed to upholding. Can you say the same for every unknown author of every quiz you or your friends take?)

It’s amazing what information a quiz/application can collect from your profile.

You can change what information is available by going in Privacy –> Applications.

FaceBook applications & quizs can see Profile picture/basic & personal info, current location, work/education history; and on it goes.

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