Piriform Defraggler disk defragmenter.


I like Defraggler, as it:

  • is free.
  • is available as a 64-bit version.
  • allows you to exclude specific files and folders, and
  • has scheduling built-in.

Downsides?  None that I can see of.  Perhaps it could detect that the Windows Disk Defragmenter is running in the background, and warn you that running two disk defragmenters at the same time is going to slow things down.

You can download Defraggler here.

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Windows System State Analyzer – Windows 7

Windows Stsrem State Analyzer - summary of changesPeople familiar with Wise Package Studio “Setup Capture” can leave now.  Everyone else read on!.

Windows System State Analyser analyser allows you to take a “before” and “after” snapshot of your Windows 7 computer.  This is amazingly useful when you need to answer the question:

“What changes did that program I installed make to my computer?”

Of course, you do need to snapshot before you install the program you want to check on.

The quip about Wise Package Studio?

Application packagers, ie. people who create program install scripts, have been using the Setup Capture function for years.  They’ll typically do this to capture all the files that a program installs onto a computer, so they can re-package it into a better installer format.

You can read all about Windows System State Analyser here.

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Auslogics Disk Defrag – a 5 minute review.

  • Does not defragment removable drives, even though Windows built-in defragger does.
  • No choice to do an Analyse first, it was straight into Defrag.
  • No PC slowdown noticed.
  • Does a through defragmentation, there were no fragmented files afterwards.
  • Price is right, it’s free.

Some screenshots

Select which drive you want, note the absence of Removable drives.
auslogics Disk Defrag - choose a drive.

I clicked next, and away we went with defragging
Auslogics Disk Defrag - defragging display

And we’re done:
Auslogics Disk Defrag - Finished

Auslogics Disk Defrag can be found here.

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