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The user reported

In Lotus Notes, when I create an attachment, I click on "My Documents" shortcut, and it should take me to My Documents folder.
BUT Lotus Notes is adding it as an attachment instead."

Create Attachments Lotus Notes links issue

Indeed it is.

Fixed in Lotus Notes 6.5.1, with a setting added to the Notes.INI, FIRE PHASERS SHELL_LINKS=1.

SHELL_Links=1 will cause Lotus Notes to treat the shortcut as a link.

Here’s a summary of how Lotus Notes client behave:

Notes version Change type Change
6.0.4 Notes.ini SHELL_LINKS=1
6.5.1 Notes.ini SHELL_LINKS=1
7.x / 8.x fixed by default, changeable via GUI and Notes.ini NO_SHELL_LINKS=1
8.5.x fixed by default, changeable via GUI and Notes.ini NO_SHELL_LINKS=1 
GUI  change is in File / Preferences / Basic Notes Configuration

About FIRE PHASERS: While I was typing this out, I suddenly remembered the FIRE PHASERS Novell login script command.  I was thinking it would make a good age test for any of your Novell techs.

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