More keyboard & dishwasher fun

Was my first attempt at successfully cleaning a keyboard in a dishwasher a fluke?  Well no, as it turns out.

Today’s candidate? A 2 year old HP branded keyboard.  As the photo below shows, it was one grotty keyboard.  This time around, I used the “FAST” dishwasher setting.  When I took the keyboard out of the dishwasher, about a cupful (250ml) of water drained out.  3 days later, the keyboard was ready to use.

Before aka Furry Keys
Furry keys

After aka Clean Keys.
Clean keys

A note about the “FAST” mode
1 wash cycle (at 122ºF / 50ºC)
1 post rinse
1 final rinse (at 122ºF / 50ºC)

And I used 75% less dishwasher powder than I did with the first attempt.

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Cleaning a keyboard in the dishwasher.

keyboard - dirty Keyboards get very dirty.  Everything seems to drop into them, such as hair, skin flakes, and food.  When I learnt how to clean keyboards, cigarette ash was common enough as well. 


There are two ways to clean a keyboard, disassemble and wash by hand; or dishwasher.  This post will cover using a dishwasher.

Why?  Well doing this:
Keyboard - disassembled
takes me about 4 hours.

I did this on a keyboard I can afford to replace if it didn’t work.
You might want to think about that.

1. Preparation
Tie up the keyboard lead
1 - tie up keyboard lead 

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