This is the list of presentations from the Tech-Ed 2006 DVD set.

436 presentations spread over 4 DVDs, making it the smallest of the four Tech-Ed DVD sets I have.

Tech-Ed 2006

Code Title Speakers
ARC201 Incorporating Agile Development into Your Organization Peter Provost; Alan Ridlehoover
ARC202 Putting the User Back in to SOA Simon Guest
ARC203 Extending the Edge: Architectural Considerations for Incorporating Mobile Devices Ed Jezerski
ARC204 Web Service Security: Scenarios, Patterns and Implementations Jason Hogg
ARC206 Evolving to Patterns James Newkirk
ARC207 Pragmatic Architecture Ted Neward; Cathi Gero
ARC208 Architecting Applications for a Service-Oriented World Beat Schwegler
ARC209 Creating a Baseline Architecture for Smart Client Applications Jason Beres
ARC213 Bits to Bolts: Bridging the Gap Between the Solutions and Infrastructure Architecture Ryan Plant
ARC214 Ten Failures As a Software Architect David Ing
ARC215 Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Service-Oriented Architectures Ron Jacobs
ARC216 Deploying and Managing Your Own Enterprise Framework Keith Pleas; Chris Kinsman
ARC217 Architecture Decisions: DataSets or Objects? Rockford Lhotka
ARC219 Software As a Service: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Gianpaolo Carraro
ARC220 How to Get Your Grandmother Building Missile Defense Systems Martin Granell
ARC221 Architecting Your Own Enterprise Framework Brian Button
ARC310 Dirty SOAP: A Dynamic Endpoint without ASMX – How and Why? Patrick Cauldwell; Scott Hanselman
ARC311 Building the Next Generation ESB on the Microsoft Platform Lukas Cudrigh; Dylan Lewis; Brian Loesgen
ARC312 Real World Design for Resilience: The Infrastructure Architecture of George Holman; Paul Wright
ARC318 Why Hosting on Windows (Best Practices) David Kidd; Michael Johnson
BAP202 Understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Charles Eliot
BAP203 Introduction to Deploying and Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Todd Bergeson
BAP205 Planning for Your Business Portal Implementation and Deployment Jon Jonasson; John Dooley
BAP208 Personalizing Microsoft Dynamics GP System with Extender and SmartList Builder Louis Maresca
BAP212 New Development Features of the Upcoming Release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0: Preview Robert Miller
BAP219 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Customized to Your Industry and Business Andrew Bybee
BAP223 Using Web Services to Develop Applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie
BAP232 Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Intelligence Stephen Petrie; Kari Peterson
BAP301 Using Web Services and Microsoft BizTalk to Develop Business Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX Todd Oberman; Jean-Yves Martineau
BAP304 Extending Windows SharePoint Services with Enterprise Portal Web Parts for Microsoft Dynamics AX Mey Meenakshisundaram
BAP306 Using the .NET Business Connector and CLR Interop to Develop Integrations to Microsoft Dynamics AX Travis Perkins; Gary Syck
BAP307 Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SQL 2005: Tweaking for Speed Robert Miller
BAP310 Deploying and Managing Microsoft CRM Dana Martens
BAP311 Connected Commerce with Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX Jean-Yves Martineau
BAP313 Integrating Microsoft CRM, Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office 2003 Richard Dickinson
BAP314 SQL Performance Tuning Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Chad Aberle; Jon Studsrud; Chad Aberle
BAP315 Microsoft CRM: Beyond Reporting and Analytics Jan Jamrich
BAP317 Expanding Microsoft Dynamics GP through Web Services Grant Swenson; Mark Trosen
BAP318 Deploying and Securing the Microsoft Dynamics AX AOS Server in the Datacenter Paul Langowski; Vijay Kurup
BAP320 Deploying Retail Management System and Dynamics GP for Multi-Store Retailers David Smooha; Andy Westby
BAP322 Extending the Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Application Using MorphX and X++ Lachlan Cash
BAP324 Tailoring Your Microsoft Dynamics GP System Louis Maresca
BAP325 Deep Dive into Increasing Your Information Workers™ Productivity with Tight Integration between the Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Dynamics AX Lori Penor; Rajiv Kumar
BAP327 Developing and Deploying Security Features in Microsoft Dynamics AX Chandru Shankar; Chandru Shankar; SudhakaraReddy Peddi
BAP328 Performance, Sizing and Benchmark Enhancement in the Application and Technology for Microsoft Dynamics AX Sri Srinivasan
BAP329 Modeling and Automating Business Processes with Microsoft CRM Andrew Bybee
BAP330 Reporting and Business Intelligence in the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics AX Papa Ndoye; Karthik Ravindran
BAP409 Empowering Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and .NET John Ponzio
BAP416 Exploring .NET Events and Microsoft Dynamics GP Mark Trosen; Mark Trosen
BAP421 Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Deploy Custom Solutions While Maintaining Easy Upgrades David Studebaker; John Ponzio
BAP426 Microsoft CRM: Architecting Solutions for the Enterprise and Below Charlie Wood
BAP431 Microsoft CRM Integration Framework in Action Vinay Kumar
BIN206 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Integration Explained T. K. Anand; Dan Battagin
BIN208 Corporate Performance Management on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform Ian Tien
BIN212 Second Annual Business Intelligence Power Hour Bill Baker
BIN215 Building Reporting Solutions with Reporting Services and Analysis Services Teo Lachev
BIN217 The 2007 Microsoft Office System: Data Mining Add-ins for SQL Server 2005 Data Mining Functionality Jamie MacLennan
BIN220 Microsoft IT: Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence to Improve Worldwide Revenue Reporting at Microsoft Ketan Patel
BIN301 Architecting Reporting Services Report Models for Ad-hoc Reporting Douglas McDowell
BIN302 Functionality in Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 for Business Intellligence Tom Rizzo
BIN303 Scorecard Best Practices on Deployment and Extension Ian Tien
BIN304 Metadata Solutions for SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Donald Farmer
BIN305 Architecting and Designing High Performance Warehouses and Datamarts with SQL Server 2005 Brian Martin
BIN307 The 2007 Microsoft Office System: SharePoint and SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Integration Explained Brian Welcker
BIN310 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Management and Security Brian Welcker
BIN311 SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Driving Reporting Workloads (Best Practices) Jamie MacLennan
BIN313 SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Deep Dive T. K. Anand; Cristian Petculescu
BIN314 SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services: Advanced Report Design Jason Carlson
BIN316 SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Planning for the Enterprise – Scalability and Performance T. K. Anand; Cristian Petculescu
BIN319 Developing SQL Server 2005 OLAP Applications with ADO MD.NET Andrew Brust
BIN321 Putting It Together: Moving Beyond the Basics of SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Joy Mundy
BIN322 Integrating Analytics and Reporting with the New Features of SQL Server 2005 Mike Young
BIN409 SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Performance and Scale Donald Farmer
BIN418 Business Intelligence in Practice: Data Mining Paul Bradley
BRF001 Strategic Briefing: Experience Breakthrough Innovation with Microsoft Dynamics Darren Laybourn; James Utzschneider
BRF002 Strategic Briefing: Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Amplify the Impact of Your People Chris Capossela
BRF003 Strategic Briefing: The Business Value of IT Ron Markezich
BRF004 Strategic Briefing: Unified Communications: Challenges and Opportunities David Thompson
BRF005 Strategic Briefing: Optimize Your Core Infrastructure: Manage Complexity, Achieve Agility, Protect Information and Control Access Bob Kelly
BRF006 Strategic Briefing: Advance the Business with IT Solutions Steven Guggenheimer
BRF007 Strategic Briefing: Building Trust in Computing Ben Fathi
BRF008 Strategic Briefing: Announcing the Windows Live Platform George Moore; Brian Arbogast
CLI203 Microsoft Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6): Technical Overview and Quality of Content Sean Siler
CLI220 Windows Vista Client Manageability David Zipkin
CLI301 Windows Desktop Search Enterprise Solution Paul Steckler
CLI302 Windows Vista: Securing Wireless Networks Taranjeet Athwal
CLI304 Deploying Windows Vista: Everything You Need in One Hour Corey Hynes
CLI305 Application Compatibility in Windows Vista and the Application Compatibility Toolkit John Melton; Tri Hua
CLI306 Windows XP: Building the Perfect Master Image Johan Arwidmark
CLI307 Windows Application in a Mobile World Michelle McKelvey
CLI308 Windows Vista: Networking, Firewall, and IPsec Improvements Steve Riley
CLI309 Building Reliability into Windows Vista David Zipkin; Elsie Nallipogu
CLI310 Deploying Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System with Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) Vista (Part 1) Michael Niehaus
CLI311 Internet Explorer 7 for IT Professionals John Hrvatin; Srinivasulu Grandhi
CLI312 Windows Vista: System Performance Enhancements Matt Ayers
CLI314 Image Engineering: Creating Your Perfect Desktop Joe Morris
CLI315 Microsoft IT: Deploying Windows Vista Chad Lewis
CLI317 Windows Vista: Remote Deployments Andy Zeigler
CLI318 New Backup and Offline Files Features in Windows Vista Dan Stevenson
CLI319 Windows Vista: Kernel Changes Mark Russinovich; David Solomon
CLI321 Using Windows PE to Customize Your Windows Vista Deployments Andy Zeigler
CLI413 The Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD): Advanced Zero Touch Installation Methodologies Michael Niehaus
CLI416 Modifying Applications to Run on Windows Vista Uday Shivaswamy
CON201 BizTalk Server 2006 and Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005: Integrating Real-Time Business Activity Monitoring with the Scorecard Robert Shear
CON202 (WinFX) Building Modern Software: Services, Workflow and Identity David Chappell
CON203 (WinFX) “InfoCard”: Introduction Richard Turner
CON205 Business Process Management Vision for the Future and Roadmap Steve Sloan; Oliver Sharp
CON206 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Introduction Bob Schmidt
CON207 Commerce Server 2006: New Features Briefing Ryan Donovan
CON208 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Introduction John Justice
CON209 BizTalk Server: Strategy, Deliverables and Timelines Steve Sloan
CON213 Integration Technologies: What to Use When (Repeat Session) Kris Horrocks
CON215 Building EDI Solutions with BizTalk Server 2006 Suren Machiraju
CON216 .NET Framework 2.0: Introduction to System.Transactions Juval Lowy
CON236 BizTalk Server: Managing BizTalk Server Scalability, Availability and Reliability Eddie Martinez
CON237 RFID: Enabling Your RFID Adoption with Microsoft Technology Alok Ahuja; Anush Kumar
CON304 Using BizTalk Server to Build Enterprise Class Financial Services Solutions: Integrating System and Human Components with Workflow Olaf Wagner
CON310 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Building State Machine-Based Workflows Pravin Indurkar
CON311 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Building Secure Services Fritz Onion; Keith Brown
CON312 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Building Reliable and Transacted Distributed Services Shy Cohen
CON314 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Building Workflow-Enabled Services with WCF Dennis Pilarinos
CON317 (WinFX) “InfoCard”: Building Identity-Aware Applications with “InfoCard” and the Windows Communication Foundation Michele Leroux Bustamante
CON318 Business Process Management in Healthcare with the Microsoft Application Platform Phil Bolenbaugh; Ron Giles
CON319 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Building Interoperable Services Nilesh Junnarkar; Kirill Gavrylyuk
CON320 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Building Peer-to-Peer Applications Jonathan McPhie; Ravi Rao
CON321 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Versioning Services Tim Ewald
CON322 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Building Rules-Based Workflows Jurgen Willis
CON324 BizTalk Server: Adapters for Host Systems Paul Larsen
CON325 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: WCF for ASP.NET Developers Steve Maine
CON326 BizTalk Server: Best Practices for Upgrading BizTalk Server 2004 to BizTalk Server 2006 Dennis Byrd; Marjan Kalantar
CON327 Web Services Enhancements: Introduction to WSE 3.0 Mark Fussell
CON328 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Managing WCF Services Craig McMurtry
CON329 BizTalk Server Solution Lifecycle: Planning and Design (Part 1) Brian Prince; Keith Bauer
CON330 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Integrating with COM+ and MSMQ Applications Andy Milligan
CON331 BizTalk Server Solution Lifecycle: Implementation and Tuning (Part 2) Petr Kratochvil; Lee Graber
CON332 BizTalk Server Solution Lifecycle: Deployment and Maintenance (Part 3) Nikhil George; Alex Cobb
CON333 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Creating Custom Activities for Workflows Jon Flanders
CON334 .NET Framework 2.0: Building Secure and Scalable Applications Using Enterprise Services and MSMQ Michele Leroux Bustamante
CON335 (WinFX) Windows Workflow Foundation: Creating a Host for the Workflow Runtime Darin Miller
CON338 .NET Framework 2.0: Building Service-Oriented Applications with .NET Remoting and Enterprise Services Rockford Lhotka
CON339 RSS, REST, and POX with the Windows Communication Foundation Clemens Vasters
CON423 (WinFX) Windows Communication Foundation: Designing Bindings and Contracts Clemens Vasters
CON440 .NET Framework 2.0: Advanced Serialization Juval Lowy
DAT101 Microsoft’s Data Platform Vision Dave Campbell
DAT210 SQL Server 2005 Database Engine: Six Months After Its Release Sameet Agarwal; Rob Reinauer
DAT226 Implementing SQL Express William Vaughn
DAT243 HP Disaster Recovery Solutions for SQL Server 2005 Always On Database Deployments Matthias Popp
DAT244 Bridging the Gap between SQL Server-Based Benchmarks and Real Value Proposition Anand Vridhagiri; Dave Martin
DAT250 Why Upgrade to SQL Server 2005 Don Vilen
DAT303 SQL Querying Tips and Techniques Richard Campbell
DAT304 Next Generation Data Access in .NET Applications with ADO.NET vNext Pablo Castro
DAT305 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Choosing the Right High Availability Solution Matt Hollingsworth; Michael Raheem
DAT306 SQL Server 2005: Storing Complex Managed Objects Hans-Peter Haberlandner; Wolfgang Portugaller
DAT307 Migrating from Oracle, Sybase and Access to SQL Server 2005, Quickly and Easily Madhu Reddy; Dmitry Balin
DAT308 Programming the SQL Server Common Language Runtime (SQL CLR) Joseph Homnick
DAT309 Sizing Your Enterprise SQL Server 2005 Data Warehousing Requirements with HP Integrity Servers Jeff Spiller
DAT312 Managing and Deploying Your SQL Server Schemas with Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Part 1) Richard Waymire; Mairead O’Donovan
DAT314 Methodology for Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 Victor Isakov
DAT315 Building Reliable Service Applications with SQL Server 2005 and Service Broker Roger Wolter
DAT318 Programming SQL Server 2005 from .NET to C++ to Java David Sceppa
DAT319 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Database Mirroring Best Practices and Performance Considerations Mark Wistrom; Sanjay Mishra
DAT320 Testing and Refactoring Your Database with Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Part 2) Gert Drapers; Sachin Rekhi
DAT323 Be More Productive with SQL Server 2005 Tools Paul Mestemaker; Michael Raheem
DAT325 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Best Practices in Building Robust, Recoverable and Reliable Systems Kimberly Tripp
DAT327 SQL Server 2005: Security for Mere Mortals Christian Kleinerman
DAT329 A SQL Server DBA’s Guide to CLR Integration Greg Low
DAT330 Microsoft IT: Moving to SQL Server 2005 Ketan Patel; Rajiv Kapoor
DAT331 Monitoring SQL Server with SQL Server Business Intelligence Lara Rubbelke
DAT332 SQL Server 2005: Replication Gopal Ashok; Vijay Sistla
DAT334 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Best Practices in I/O Subsystem Prem Mehra; Mike Ruthruff
DAT335 Managing Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data: BLOBs, XML and FTS in SQL Server 2005 Michael Rys
DAT336 SQL Server 2005: Configurations for SAP Solutions Juergen Thomas
DAT338 Deploying SQL Server Applications Brian Randell
DAT339 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Zero to Cluster in 60 Minutes Brian Knight
DAT340 Database Design Patterns Stephen Forte
DAT342 Programming with SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) Richard Hundhausen
DAT413 SQL Server Always On Technologies: Disaster Recovery Strategies for Isolated Damage and Human Error Kimberly Tripp
DAT417 The Query Governor: SQL CLR in Action Stephen Forte; Richard Campbell
DAT421 Peeking Inside SQL Server 2005 Engine Dan Winn
DAT422 Exploring Service Broker Enhancements Including the New Publish/Subscribe Feature Jesus Rodrigez; Javier Mariscal
DAT424 SQL Server Error Handling: T-SQL, SQLCLR and Clients Bob Beauchemin
DAT428 XQuery Deep Dive: How to Write and Optimize Your XQuery Michael Rys
DAT433 Under the Hood of Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (Part 3) Gert Drapers
DAT437 SQL Server 2005: Advanced Indexing Strategies Kimberly Tripp
DEV201 Windows Mobile Application Security Nickolas Landry
DEV202 (WinFX) Windows Presentation Foundation: Introduction Rob Relyea
DEV205 Patterns and Practices for Windows Mobile 5.0 Application Architecture Ed Jezerski; Eugenio Pace
DEV206 (WinFX) Windows Forms: How to Build Windows Forms Applications Today That Will Interoperate Well with Windows Presentation Foundation Scott Morrison
DEV208 CLR: Deployment, Installation and Configuration Best Practices for the .NET Framework and Managed Code Applications Boris Feldman
DEV210 CLR: IronPython and .NET Scripting Languages John Lam; Mahesh Prakriya
DEV212 Introduction to Visual Studio 2005 for Device Development Nickolas Landry
DEV215 Visual Studio: The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework Overview Luca Bolognese
DEV216 Visual C#: Tips and Tricks – Productivity Tips for the Visual C# 2005 IDE Karen Liu
DEV217 Introducing Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Matt Nunn; Sachin Rekhi; Mairead O’Donovan; Thomas Murphy
DEV220 Visual Basic: Today and Tomorrow Steven Lees
DEV221 Windows Forms: An Overview of Windows Forms in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Saurabh Pant
DEV228 Visual Basic 2005: Application Development Tips and Tricks Kit George
DEV233 Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server: Using Metrics to Manage and Troubleshoot Your Projects Sam Guckenheimer
DEV234 Windows Forms: Leveraging the Microsoft Enterprise Library in Windows Forms Applications Lars Mehrmann; Eugenio Pace
DEV237 Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server: Step-by-Step Migration and Adoption Planning Eric Lee; Mark Michaelis
DEV241 Visual Studio: Leveraging Your Visual Basic 6 Investments with VB 2005 Jon Rauschenberger
DEV303 Securing and Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO) Solutions Paul Stubbs
DEV304 Delving into Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects Richard Hundhausen
DEV307 Delving into Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers Brian Randell
DEV309 Visual C++: IDE Features for Visual Studio 2005 Boris Jabes; Kate Gregory
DEV311 Delving into Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers Ed Glas
DEV313 Optimizing Your Windows Mobile Application Andy Dadi
DEV314 VSTO: Building Composite Applications Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System Jon Rauschenberger
DEV318 Smart Client: Real-World ClickOnce Brian Noyes
DEV322 Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office: Building Smart Client Applications Tim Huckaby
DEV324 Windows Vista As a Document Platform: Programming XPS and 2007 Microsoft Office System Documents with WPF Marcio Mello
DEV325 Using the New Windows Mobile 5.0 APIs for Application Development Luis Cabrera-Cordon
DEV326 (WinFX) Windows Presentation Foundation: Building Rich Content Experiences with Windows Presentation Foundation Chris Han
DEV327 Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (Part 1): Applying Version Control, Work Item Tracking and Team Build to Your Software Development Project Brian Harry
DEV330 Visual Studio: An Overview of High Performance Computing Carol Eidt
DEV331 Visual C#: Directions in Language Innovation Mads Torgersen
DEV332 Windows Forms: Building Enterprise-Ready Forms Applications Brian Noyes
DEV335 Right-Sizing: Choosing the Best Data Storage Approach for Your Mobile Application Ginny Caughey
DEV336 (WinFX) Windows Presentation Foundation: Creating Windows and Web Applications with WPF Lauren Lavoie
DEV338 (WinFX) Windows Presentation Foundation: Building Data-Driven Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation Dave Jenni; Kevin Moore
DEV342 Sharing Assets Between the .NET Compact Framework (Windows Mobile) and the .NET Framework (Desktop Windows) Dr. Neil Roodyn
DEV343 Smart Client: Offline Data Synchronization and Caching with SQL Server Everywhere Steve Lasker
DEV345 Windows Vista: Tips & Tricks for Targeting Key Native APIs from Managed Code Catherine Heller
DEV346 Visual Studio: Rapid Development of Data End-to-End Solutions and How They Work in an N-Tier Model Jay Schmelzer
DEV347 Windows Forms: Solutions to the Most Common Windows Forms Development Challenges Scott Morrison
DEV348 Developing Applications That Work on Both Pocket PC and Smartphone Dr. Neil Roodyn
DEV349 Build Beautiful Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation Robert Ingebretsen
DEV350 Patterns and Practices for Windows Mobile Application Development Ed Jezerski; Eugenio Pace
DEV351 Visual Studio: Developing Local and Mobile Data Solutions with SQL Server Everywhere Steve Lasker
DEV419 CLR: Managed Apps That Fly – Tuning for Performance and Footprint Claudio Caldato
DEV423 CLR: NGEN – The Technology for Building Highly Performant Managed Applications and Libraries Surupa Biswas
DEV429 Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server (Part 2): Developing Custom Process Templates, Work Item Types and Policies Kevin Kelly
DEV439 Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Microsoft Solution Framework: Implementing an Agile or CMMI Process Randy Miller
DEV440 From the Front Lines: Innovating Mobile Healthcare Solutions Renee Clerici
DEV444 Visual C++: Debugging and Resolving Loader Lock, and Side-by-Side Issues Kate Gregory
MGT204 System Center Configuration Manager 2007: Sneak Peak Adrian Maziak
MGT219 New Event Viewer in Windows Vista for the IT-Professional Corina Feuerstein
MGT222 Introducing System Center Operations Manager 2007 (MOM version 3) Baelson Duque
MGT302 Using WS-Management to Improve Management of Mission Critical Applications in Heterogeneous Datacenter Josh Cohen; Brian Reistad
MGT306 Windows PowerShell: Solving Management Problems Jeffrey Snover
MGT308 Windows PowerShell: Next Generation Command Line Scripting Jeffrey Snover
MGT309 Data Protection Manager: Introduction Jason Buffington
MGT310 Group Policy: What’s New in Windows Vista Mark Williams
MGT311 Scripting for IT Professionals Who Can’t Write Code Corey Hynes
MGT312 Deploying Your Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Environment Omar Kouatly
MGT313 What’s New in Systems Management Server 2003 R2 Bryan Keller
MGT315 Deploying Windows Vista Clients with Systems Management Server 2003 Jon Ellis
MGT316 Administering and Securing Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Baelson Duque
MGT320 Managing Heterogeneous Infrastructures with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and Partner Extensions Vlad Joanovic
MGT321 Architecting and Deploying an Update Services Solution Corey Hynes; Marc Shepard
MGT323 Microsoft Operations Manager 2005: Real World Experiences Gordon McKenna; Rory McCaw
MGT326 Upgrading to Systems Management Server 2003 SP2: Overview and Best Practices Wally Mead
MGT401 Monitoring Active Directory Security with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Rory McCaw
MGT407 Using the New Windows Vista Event Logging for Application Instrumentation Val Menn
MGT414 OSD FP Internals: A Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Johan Arwidmark
MGT424 Extending Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 with Custom Management Packs and Reports Vlad Joanovic
MGT425 Troubleshooting Group Policy Derek Melber
MSG201 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Better Together Jessica Arnold; Michael Khalili
MSG204 Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Microsoft Office Communicator 2005: A Technical Overview Ken Ewert; Paul Duffy
MSG205 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: The Next Generation of Exchange Terry Myerson
MSG208 Windows Mobile Features for the Enterprise User Jason Langridge
MSG218 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Will Revolutionize the IT Pro Experience Brad Clark; Amanda Langowski
MSG220 Getting Started with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Simple Installation, Setup and Administration Scenarios Alexander MacLeod; Charlie Chung
MSG232 Mail That Speaks to You: Unified Messaging in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 David Howell
MSG302 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Web Services: 42 APIs Is Not the Answer Chris Simison; Rob McCann; Huw Upshall; John Merrill
MSG303 Exchange Solution Reviewed Program Storage: What It Is and How It Can Help Matt Gossage; Karl Robinson (HP)
MSG306 Exchange 2003: Top Ten Security Secrets Paul Robichaux
MSG307 Exchange Sizing and Performance: A Look Ahead to the 64-Bit World of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Steve Tramack
MSG309 Building Windows Mobile Retail and Warehouse Applications Richard Jones
MSG310 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Topologies and Routing Leon Warman
MSG311 Real-Life Benefits, Examples and Experiences for Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Nagi Babu; Randy DeMeno (CommVault)
MSG312 Data Protection and Replication for Exchange Systems Bob Roudebush; Gene-Paul Rosenacker
MSG313 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Storage Changes Pierre Bijaoui
MSG314 Windows Mobile and Exchange Server 2003 Mobile Messaging John Rhoton
MSG315 Microsoft IT: Exchange 2003 Best Practices from MSIT Konstantin Ryvkin
MSG316 Is Your Mail Server Running? Then You Better Go Out and Catch It: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Backup, Availability and Disaster Recovery Becky Benfield; Greg Thiel
MSG319 Coexistence and Migration of Notes/Domino Messaging to the Microsoft Platform Erik Ashby
MSG321 Windows Mobile Device Management for the Enterprise Khalid Siddiqui
MSG322 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Deployment and Migration Kieran McCorry
MSG323 Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft: Real-World Experiences Migrating Complex Environments Scott Rodgers; Tom Kirkby
MSG324 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Management Shell and Scripting Mihai Jalobeanu; Vivek Sharma
MSG325 Need Email Access Everywhere? Deploy an Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Server Kristian Andaker
MSG326 Email Defender: Anti-Spam Framework in Exchange 2003 SP2 Alexander Nikolayev
MSG327 Exchange 2003: Clustering Best Practices Scott Schnoll
MSG328 Think Web Mail Can’t Get Better? Think Again: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Outlook Web Access Kristian Andaker
MSG329 Microsoft IT: Inside Microsoft – the MSIT Windows Mobile Architecture Steve Riley
MSG331 Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005: Deploying in the Enterprise Rui Maximo
MSG334 Monitoring Exchange Server Using Microsoft Operations Manager Sean O’Brien
MSG335 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Calendar Concierge Services Paul Tischhauser
MSG336 Unified Messaging Architecture and PBX Integration Cliff Didcock
MSG337 Exchange 2003: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts Scott Schnoll
MSG338 Microsoft IT: How MSIT Deployed Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Edge Servers Konstantin Ryvkin; Omesh Desai
MSG339 Mobilizing Line-of-Business Applications on the Windows Mobile Platform Mickey Haynes; Kevin Kerr
MSG340 Protecting Your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Network from Viruses and Spam Jesse Dougherty
MSG341 Exchange On-the-Go: Mobile Access to an Exchange Server in 2003 SP2 Paul Limont; Max Ciccotosto
MSG343 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Policy Enforcement and Compliance: Building a Solution for the Finance Industry Shawn Thomas
MSG344 Geographically Dispersed Clusters in Exchange 2003 Andrew Ehrensing
MSG345 Protecting High Business Impact Communication from Disclosure in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 David Lemson
MSG346 Microsoft Exchange 2007 ToolBox: ExBPA and Beyond Paul Bowden
MSG347 Using Records Management Strategies to Tame Your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Message Stores Jason Mayans
MSG348 Audio, Video and Web Conferencing with Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Warren Barkley
MSG349 Microsoft IT: Inside Microsoft – Deploying and Supporting Line-of-Business Applications with Windows Mobile Austin Pinard
MSG350 Exchange 2003: Volume ShadowCopy Service Best Practices Robert Quimbey
MSG351 Optimizing Exchange Deployments David Gnall
MSG352 Telephony Integration and Voice Over IP with Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Paul Duffy
MSG353 Exchange 2003: Electronic Discovery David Sengupta
MSG354 Connecting Windows Mobile to SAP Steve Hegenderfer; Steve Seale
MSG355 Windows Mobile Security Ecosystem Guidance Jason Langridge
MSG417 Preparing for Your Deployment: Storage Sizing and Testing for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Robert Quimbey
MSG433 Enterprise Security Internals for Windows Mobile Jason Landridge
OFC201 The 2007 Microsoft Office System: Clients – Overview and What’s New Mark Alexieff
OFC202 Windows SharePoint Services (version 3): Overview and What’s New Mike Fitzmaurice
OFC207 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Overview and What’s New Mike Fitzmaurice
OFC210 Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007: Create and Customize SharePoint Web Sites and Build Workflow-Enabled Applications Alex Malek
OFC213 Document and Records Management Using 2007 Microsoft Office Server and Client Technologies Arpan Shah
OFC214 Microsoft Office Project Server 2007: Overview Jean-Francois LeSaux
OFC216 Using the Web Content Management Features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Build Great Looking Sites Bob German; Arpan Shah
OFC218 Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007: Office Integration and Collaboration Scenarios Nathaniel Stott
OFC303 Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development 1: Working with Content Types, Field Types, and Other Facilities for SharePoint Lists and Libraries Todd Bleeker
OFC304 Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO) version 3.0: What’s Coming Thomas Quinn; Mike Hernandez
OFC305 Microsoft Office Access 2007: Designing Collaborative Data Applications Suraj Poozhiyil
OFC308 Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development: Using Feature and Solution Definitions for Constructing Custom SharePoint Sites Todd Bleeker
OFC309 The 2007 Microsoft Office System: Developer Model for the New User Interface Savraj Dhanjal
OFC311 Introducing New Tools for Migrating to the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Document Analysis and Migration Mike Jorden
OFC312 Developing Workflows for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Tim Huckaby
OFC315 Deploying Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System with Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator 3.0 (Part 2) Michael Niehaus
OFC319 New Tools and Techniques for Deploying the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Advanced Topics Tony East
OFC320 Infrastructure Topics in SharePoint Products and Technologies: Administrative Architecture and Planning for Deployment Joel Oleson; John Nisi
OFC321 Connecting Portals to Line-of-Business Data with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Business Data Catalog Jonah Burke
OFC322 Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007: Development, Deployment, and Hosting of Rich and Browser Forms Ed Essey
OFC323 Dot-Com Meets SharePoint: Building an Internet-Facing Web Site Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Jim Masson
OFC324 Microsoft Office Open XML Formats Brian Jones
OFC325 Microsoft Office Visio 2007: Building Data Visualization Solutions Bill Morein
OFC326 Enterprise Search Technical Drilldown in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Bill English
OFC327 Integrating Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 Forms into Workflow Solutions and Business Processes Nick Dallett; John Peltonen
OFC328 Microsoft Office Groove 2007: Building Workgroup Applications Hugh Pyle
OFC329 Migrating Your Content Management Server 2002 Web Sites to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Arpan Shah; Mitch Prince
OFC330 Microsoft Office Groove 2007: Enterprise Deployments Leon Alexandrou
OFC331 Creating and Using Outlook Add-ins in Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Microsoft Office (VSTO) Paul Ballard
OFC333 Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server: Upgrade and Migration Bill English
OFC335 Microsoft Office Word 2007 XML Programmability: True Data/View Separation and Rich Eventing for Custom XML Tristan Davis
OFC336 Building Custom Server Solutions with the New Excel Services Shahar Prish; Danny Khen
OFC337 Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: Developing Solutions Using the Consolidated Outlook Object Model Randy Byrne
OFC338 Integration and Customization with the Real Time Communication (RTC) Platform Oscar Newkerk
OFC339 Transitioning Your Lotus Notes/Domino Applications to the Microsoft Platform Gary Devendorf; Edward Wu
OFC340 Effective IT Governance Using the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution Chris Vandersluis
OFC341 Collaboration: Putting Industry Solutions to Work in the Mid-Market Ken Winell
OFC342 Microsoft Office OneNote 2007: Introducing Programmability and How To Develop Solutions and Extensions Daniel Escapa
OFC406 Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) Development 2: ASP.NET, Web Parts, Master Pages, Field Types, and More Ted Pattison
OFC417 Infrastructure Topics in SharePoint Products and Technologies: Deployment and Advanced Administration Topics Joel Oleson; John Nisi
OFC434 Accessing the Real-Time Communications (RTC) Platform Using AJAX Technologies Kyle Marsh
SEC202 Defense In-Depth: Best Practices for Secure Messaging Peter Eicher; Joe Licari; Forrest Hobbs
SEC211 A New Approach to Regulatory Compliance Bill Canning
SEC221 Integrating Your Emergency Response Process with the Microsoft Security Incident Response Process Christopher Budd
SEC301 Securing Your Data with Microsoft Technologies Mike Smith-Lonergan
SEC304 What’s New in Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 Steve Riley
SEC305 Deploying Server and Domain Isolation with Windows IPsec Gene Ferioli
SEC307 Baking Security into the Development Life Cycle Michael Howard
SEC308 Anti-Malware Technologies in Windows Vista Adam Overton
SEC310 Account Control: Running Windows Vista with Least Privilege Steve Hiskey
SEC312 Windows Vista Security Guide Mike Danseglio
SEC314 Enterprise Malware Solutions Mark Russinovich
SEC315 Securing Content with Windows Rights Management Services Amit Fulay; Amit Fulay
SEC316 Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager Deep Dive Conrad Bayer
SEC317 Windows Vista Security Tidbits Jesper Johansson
SEC318 Building the Best Certificate Infrastructure You Can by Avoiding Common Deployment Errors Brian Komar
SEC319 Reaching Compliance with Microsoft Technologies JC Cannon
SEC323 Introducing Microsoft Client Protection Josue Fontanez
SEC324 Get Ready for Network Access Protection: What Everybody Needs to Know Gene Ferioli
SEC325 BitLocker™ Drive Encryption Laura Benofsky
SEC326 Securing Exchange with Microsoft Antigen: A Technical Overview Peter Eicher
SEC403 Windows Vista System Integrity Technologies (Repeat Session) Steve Riley
SEC406 Is That Application Really Safe? Jesper Johansson
SEC409 A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Enterprise Software for Security Herbert Thompson
SEC413 The Buzz About Fuzz: An Enhanced Approach to Finding Software Vulnerabilities Herbert Thompson; Herbert Thompson
SEC420 User Account Control: How to Make a Good UAC Application Peter Woods
SEC422 Securing Wireless Access with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server Jim Harrison; Chris Gregory
SVR203 Compute Cluster Server 2003: An Overview Kyril Faenov
SVR205 Windows Branch Office Technologies for Windows Vista and Windows Server Code Named “Longhorn Dan Boldo
SVR206 Ten Reasons Why You Need Windows Server 2003 R2 Today! Rodney Fournier
SVR210 Introduction to Active Directory Federation Services Matt Steele
SVR211 Windows/Linux Integration: The Art of the Possible Jeremy Moskowitz
SVR213 Scalable Networking Enhancements for Windows Server 2003 Ian Hameroff
SVR215 Windows Server Code Named “Longhorn” Terminal Services: Introduction Alex Balcanquall
SVR216 Virtual Server: Customer Success Stories Ivar Hyngstrom
SVR219 Ten Reasons to Prepare for Windows Server Code Named “Longhorn Nuo Yan; Ward Ralston
SVR226 Introduction to Microsoft Identity Integration Server Chris Macaulay
SVR234 New File Server Features of Windows 2003 R2 and Windows Server Code Named “Longhorn” John Savill
SVR237 IT at Intel: Roadmaps for Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture, Manageability, Security, and Enterprise Total Cost of Ownership Gregg Wyant
SVR299 Windows Server Code Named “Longhorn” Chalk Talk David Lowe, Ward Ralston
SVR301 IDA Strategy and Roadmap Stuart Kwan
SVR302 Virtual Server R2 SP1 Beta: Introduction Rajiv Arunkundram; Peter Doulas
SVR304 Building, Securing and Managing the Tech·Ed 2005 Network – Build in Brian White; Kapil Tandon; Martin Dey; Greg Newman; Vlad Joanovic; Jim Harrison
SVR307 IDA for Developers: From Username and Password to InfoCard? Garrett Serack
SVR309 Deploying Active Directory Federation Services Derek Del Conte
SVR312 The New Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 and Its Integrated Technologies Shola Aluko
SVR314 Active Directory in the Extranet Kannan Iyer
SVR317 The Best-of-the-Best Practices for Microsoft Clustering, and a Few You Haven’t Heard of – But Should Rodney Fournier
SVR318 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective MIIS Administrators Chris Macaulay
SVR320 Monitoring Active Directory Mas Libman
SVR321 Using What You’re NOT Using in SP1/SP2: Discover Service Pack Gold! Mark Minasi
SVR323 Password Management with Microsoft Identity Integration Server Will Qian; Chris Macaulay
SVR325 Deploying and Managing a Windows-Based High-Performance Compute Cluster Onur Koc
SVR328 How Microsoft IT Uses Active Directory Federation Services Brian Puhl
SVR329 Active Directory Disaster Recovery Part 1 of 2 Sally Storey; John Craddock
SVR330 Small Business Server Disaster Recovery Jeff Middleton
SVR331 Active Directory Disaster Recovery Part 2 of 2 Sally Storey; John Craddock
SVR332 Next Generation Networking with Windows Vista and Windows Server Code Named Longhorn Chris Mitchell; Ian Hameroff
SVR333 Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Filemon and Regmon Mark Russinovich; David Solomon
SVR335 Virtual Server Solution Scenarios Robert Larson
SVR336 Tech·Ed 2006 Network Statistics – Build Out Kapil Tandon
SVR408 Terminal Services Capacity Planning, Performance Monitoring and Windows Server Resource Manager Shane Creamer
SVR422 Windows Hang and Crash Dump Analysis Mark Russinovich
SVR424 Extending Terminal Services Functionalities Bernhard Tritsch
SVR427 Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools: How Can They Help Me? James Farhat
WEB202 IIS and Operations: Leveraging Microsoft Solutions for High Availability Web Platforms Jeff Stucky; Casey Jacobs
WEB208 IIS 6: Effective Management of Web Farms Scott Forsyth
WEB209 IIS 6: Everything a Web Administrator Needs to Know About MOM Ken Schaefer
WEB210 IIS 7: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft’s New Web Application Server Chris Adams
WEB212 ASP.NET: Best Practices and Techniques for Migrating ASP.NET 1.x Applications to ASP.NET 2.0 Omar Khan
WEB301 ASP.NET: Accelerating Web Application Development with the Microsoft Enterprise Library J. Ambrose Little
WEB303 IIS 7: An In-Depth Look into Web Application Administration Alexis Eller
WEB304 ASP.NET: An Overview of ASP.NET and Windows Workflow Foundation Integration Kashif Alam
WEB305 IIS 7: Under the Hood for Web Request Tracing and Diagnostics Henry Seiler
WEB306 ASP.NET: Accelerating Web Application Development with the Microsoft Enterprise Library Tarlochan Cheema
WEB307 ASP.NET: Best Practices in Creating Scalable, Data-Driven Web Sites Rob Howard
WEB311 ASP.NET: Introduction to Integrating Membership, Role Management and Profiles into ASP.NET 2.0 Applications Jeff Prosise
WEB313 ASP.NET: Building and Deploying Web Applications with Visual Studio 2005 Omar Khan
WEB314 ASP.NET: Building Real-World Web Application UI with Master Pages, Themes and Site Navigation Jeff King
WEB315 ASP.NET: End-to-End – Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 1) Scott Guthrie
WEB316 ASP.NET: End-to-End – Building a Complete Web Application Using ASP.NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, and IIS 7 (Part 2) Scott Guthrie
WEB317 IIS 7: Building Custom Web Server Extensions Thomas Deml
WEB318 ASP.NET: Creating High-Performance, Enterprise-Scale Web Applications Using Visual Studio 2005 Team System Jeff King
WEB319 ASP.NET: Under the Covers – Creating High-Availability, Scalable Web Applications Stefan Schackow
WEB320 IIS 7: Getting the Most Out of New Delegation and Configuration Capabilities Oscar Omar Garza Santos
WEB321 ASP.NET: Integrating ASP.NET into Your Existing Architecture Using the Provider Model Jeff Prosise


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