4G signal - one bar

Which made Skype, Zoom and Teams conference calls impossible, due to the latency suffered.  Latency is what really kills these audio conferencing options.  Video conferencing was impossible.

So we looked at building our own Yagi antenna rig to improve coverage.


(or even buy one from the folks at Telco Antenna)

Then rig it up to a 4G modem to provide a Wifi access point…


Have Telstra visit and supply a “Network coverage extension” device.

Telstra Go Stationary Repeater

We’ll probably go with Telstra.

Some people have gone with non-certified repeaters/boosters, and you can see why from a cost perspective.

Useful reference: Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA)

People who will sell you stuff:
Telco Antennas – Repeaters & Repeater Kits
Boosters for Mobiles