Can’t find script engine “VBScript” for script

A user reported the following issue on Windows 7:
Can't find script engine "VBScript" for script

As it turns out, the user had deleted the McAfee Anti-virus program directory.  No mean feat in itself.  Which in turn led to the error message above when the user logged on.

So I knew McAfee was probably the cause.

When McAfee AV installs, it replaces the registry entry for vbscript.dll with scriptsn.dll.  When the user deleted the Mcfee directory, it deleted scriptsn.dll, which is why it couldn’t find the script engine.

The solution in this case, was to re-install Windows.  Deleting the McAfee directory will cause other problems.  Less desperate solutions can be found in these articles:

How to select a good anti-virus product

Well, if you didn’t receive emails with viruii attached, or surf to “dubious” websites, you wouldn’t get infected. For the rest of us, we would be looking at either Microsoft Security Essentials, or something which costs money.

Or you’re a corporate customer, who has “business” needs, you’ll be needing to spend money.
If for no other reason that most anti-virus prohibit the use of their “free” products in a commercial setting.

The following are the questions I ask myself when I’m looking at an anti-virus product.

Personal use.

  1. Does it have a history of “false positives”?
    False positives are when the anti-virus product detects “good” files as being a virus.
    For personal use I wouldn’t buy Symantec, McAfee or CA eTrust products.
    Far too many false positives for my taste, which I wrote about here.   Heck, McAfee can’t even be bothered to test their product updates against known good Microsoft Windows PCs.
  2. What choices does the product give me if it finds a virus?
    Does it give me the choice to ignore the issue, quarantine the file, or just delete it?
    This is an important point for me, after having had McAfee delete some files I wanted to keep.
  3. Is it from a vendor I trust?
    This is a personal choice, but I wouldn’t ever buy McAfee products.  Ever.
  4. Will it slow down my PC if I install it?
    You used to pay a performance penalty for running an anti-virus product on your desktop.  But not so much now, with computers having gotten faster over the years.
    It is useful to be able to exclude programs from anti-virus monitoring, if you know the program is trustworthly.

For home use, I’d recommend Microsoft Security Essentials.

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