How to open the Western Digital “My Passport” Drive.

Step 1. Don’t bother.  As there are “user serviceable parts inside.”
Step 2. Well if you insist on opening this piece of crud, the actual steps follow.

Step 1
Western Digital "My Passport" drive - opening the case
– using a blunt, thin object (say a small screwdriver), slide it along the gap between the “body” and the “case”.
– work the screwdriver around the edge.

Step 2

Western Digital "My Passport" drive - sliding the drive away from the body.
– slide the body away from the case


Step 2a

step2awdpassportv1Western Digital "My Passport" drive - the case
(the drive separated from the case)

Step 3

Western Digital "My Passport" drive - in parts

Drive details

Model: WD5000BMVU-11A08S0
Why I don’t like it?: It was a SATA drive which Western Digital has grafted a permanent USB interface.  It sucks.

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