The Strange Case of “Sometimes I can see the Office Templates directory, and sometimes I can’t.”

One of our customers reported that they intermittently lost access to the Office Templates directory.

Sometimes it worked well, and sometimes “it was gone!”.

The environment was Windows 10, with Office 2016.  The Office Templates were located on DFS shares (ie. the location was \\ALargecustomer\DFS\OurTemplates)

What could it possibly be???

After much head scratching, we checked the Windows Server version, to see if there was anything which stood out.

There was.

Server  Operating System
NOODY45 Windows Server 2012
NODDY58 Windows Server 2016
NODDY60 Windows Server 2003
NODDY61 Windows Server 2003
NODDY63 Windows Server 2003
NODDY68 Windows Server 2003

Of the 300 servers we queried, over 50% of them were still on Windows 2003.

And with Windows 10, we disable SMB1 by default.

So when the end user would log on, there was a chance they’ll be given a server which they could not actually connect to.