Nigel No Friends

nigel no friends - twitter version A co-worker migrated the last user off our old BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Barry.

"Barry to be renamed to Nigel-No-Friends", was the announcement.

(Non Australian readers should look at the Urban Dictionary for the meaning of Nigel No Friends)

* Nigel No Friends = Billy No Mates, in the UK.
* Added the Nigel No Friends – Twitter edition picture.
*This was the picture I wanted to use, but it’s All Rights Reserved:
  Nigel No Friends at Dreamworld
  (click on the photo for the much larger original)

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So which Greater Internet Dickwad do we have?

John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory

The Troll
A sad individual who lashes out at anyone, for the sole reason of provoking a response.
Troll comes from the adjective Trolling.

The Rager
In some ways, a variant of the Troll.  Can be found promoting the virtues of Open Source Software, when compared to the likes of Microsoft.  Can often be spotted by the use of words like Micro$oft & WinDoze.

Misguided, aka “I pity the fool”.
Responding to a posting, where they don’t have all the facts.  Often these are newspaper readers.

Unhappy customer
Not that you’d see these on a normal blog, but you can spot these characters as they are having a bitch about a product or service.
Such as Europcar.

This idea for this post came from the US Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment flowchart.

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