A tale of three SIMs (iPad, iPhone 4 & “Normal”)

iPad IPhone4 Normal Sim
The iPhone 4 SIM card is the not the same as the others.  It’s missing the AUX1 & AUX2 pin-outs.  Which are the contacts for use with USB devices.  Such as connecting your mobile phone to your car, via USB.
(AUX1 is the USB D+ pin, and AUX2 is the USB D- pin).

The pictured SIMs are from Telstra.  And no, I don’t know why Telstra decided to use a different SIM for the iPhone 4.

The world knows where you live – that is not good.

It might be a bit of a surprise to you, it certainly was to me.  The Apple iPhone stores the location of where a photo was taken.  It’s known as Location.  Or geo-location with other makes of phones/cameras.  Seems harmless enough, doesn’t it.

Except when some enterprising people decide to create a Firefox plug-in which lets you view the GPS co-ordinates, then link you though, to say Google Maps.

iPhone photo - we know where you liveOr not.  "42° 53? 7.60? S, 147° 19? 35.54? E" is a church in Tasmania.  I selected it at random, to mask the real address.

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Clean your iPhone with your WHAT?!?

Alcohol Sanitiser WipeDon’t ask me how I found this out, but if you’ve got crap on your iPhone screen that won’t come off with a tissue, giving your iPhone a good lick or two and then giving it another go with a tissue is a win every time.

Yes, it is gross.  I support iPhones, and if our users are going to do this, then I’m going to do a bulk order of isopropyl wipes.  I mean, where else have their tongues been?


(Isopropyl is an alcohol, which is good at cleaning all sorts of computer devices.  I use it for cleaning devices before they go back to the customer).

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So I borrowed an iPhone 3GS and thought

iPhone with v-Cockpit software running IT WAS CRAP.

Ok, so that’s a tad harsh, but it is overpriced for what it is.

The things that went well:

  • it’s responsive.  More responsive than any other PDA I’ve used to date.
  • the web browser was better than anything else I’ve used on a PDA.
  • the camera was a) basic and b) fast.
  • it’s slim, and I like that.

The things which sucked:

  • battery life,  a day at best.
    To explain, the iPhone was being used as a BlackBerry replacement, so I needed to read email, take calls and use the web browser.
    And one day in, my emails were lost due to a Mobile Mail application crash.  Not happy Jan.
  • the cost of the thing!
    $1000 for the 32GB iPhone.  No protective case included.
  • what’s this “you have to download the iTune application onto your desktop PC, so you can download a app to the phone” requirement?
    No real need for it, unless Apple are trying to craw more personal data from us.

Would I buy one?
Yes, but I would want

  • the price to dropped to $600
  • improved the battery life
  • jail-broken so I can install what I want.

At the current price, the iPhone is too rich for my tastes.

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