“Why didn’t you write about the cameras on the PDAs you reviewed?”, asked a reader.

Quite simply, because all PDA camera’s are shite, that’s why.

Here’s two pictures showing why:

2 Citrix Access Gateway appliance, and a Branch Repeater.crud quality citrix photo

PDA, and mobile phone cameras fail in the following areas:

  • picture quality
  • responsiveness (lack of)
    ie. take a photo, wait for the PDA to process it, take another photo, wait again.
  • depth of field (none)

But for completeness, here’s what those PDA’s had:

Megapixels Largest picture size Flash 2nd camera (for video-call)
Sony Xpedia X1 3.15 2048×1536 Yes Yes
Palm Treo Pro 2.0 1600×1200 No No
HTC Touch HD 5.0 2592×1944 Yes Yes
Samsung BlackJack II 2.0 1600×1200 No No

The Sony Xpedia X1 took the best pictures of the four units.

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